Balance and Transformation Podcast

The Balance and Transformation podcast is about practical and useful formulas, methods, techniques, solutions and remedies for universal mental, physical, spiritual and financial issues. Using spiritual science, experience, insight, Divine guidance, researched information, lessons learned from trial and error; esoteric/gnostic and ancient melanated Caribbean/African wisdom, I share information on how people can shift their condition, psyche, attitude and circumstance for the better like a modern alchemist. 

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Episode 1 | Introduction

Episode 1 of the Balance and Transformation podcast is an introduction to the intention of the podcast and future episodes. Enjoy!

Episode 2 | Mental Balance

In this episode we get into the stimulating, controversial and fascinating subject matters of the mind, subconscious and their relationship with the brain, mental health and mental balance. Enjoy! 

Episode 3 | Physical Balance

In this stimulating episode we get a clear view of what our "physical" body is and the many aspects of it so we can empower ourselves and of course balance it. Enjoy! 

Episode 4 | Spiritual Balance

In this controversial episode we dive into the understanding of exactly what spirit, spiritual, spirituality and religion is and why they are important for all around holistic care. Enjoy! 

Episode 5 | Financial Balance

In this much needed episode, we explore what exactly is financial balance, what does it involve and what does it take holistically (mentally, physically, spiritually and financially) in order to ingrain it, be aligned with it and sustaining it for life. Enjoy! 

Free Episode 5 Notes

* Bonus Episode 5 Paid Download

Episode 5 is a very special one. Money, abundance, prosperity and especially financial balance is a high priority for most people in the world; and definitely for those in the U.S.A. Over the years I have compiled various sources, resources, remedies, topics, areas of interest and tools that helps to balance the financial area of life so that it can holistically work with the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of myself. In this bonus paid download are sources on financial literacy; stones, crystals, oils, flowers, incense, herbs, fruits, veggies, angels and MORE that attract/sustain money and financial balance. It can be accessed by download after a $10 payment by PayPal (after payment you will be directed to a download page automatically; please wait for the download page and instructions) or by email through a Cash App payment of $10. Choose your option below and may the information help you, give clarity, put financial literacy in perspective and be useful for your entire life. Thanks for the support. 


1. Send a $10 Cash App payment to $MoorishBrooklyn

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Episode 6| Science Of Prayer, Affirmation, Mantra & Chanting

In this episode we go over some of the most misunderstood topics in daily spiritual practice. They are all connected but each one needs to be properly understood so that they can be used in the right situation and get immediate results. Enjoy! 

Episode 7 | Rites Of Passage

In this intriguing & controversial episode we get into "Rites Of Passage: The Importance of Life, Cultural, Traditional, Sacred, Spiritual, Ancient Lineage and Fraternal, Sororal Initiation". Many aspects of society deals with a becoming, graduation & unfolding; but what is the ancient view? Enjoy!