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The Balance and Transformation podcast is about practical and useful formulas, methods, techniques, solutions and remedies for universal mental, physical, spiritual and financial issues. Using spiritual science, experience, insight, Divine guidance, researched information, lessons learned from trial and error; esoteric/gnostic and ancient melanated wisdom I share information on how people can shift their condition, psyche, attitude and circumstance for the better like a modern alchemist. 

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Episode 1 | Introduction

Episode 1 of the Balance and Transformation podcast is an introduction to the intention of the podcast and future episodes. Enjoy!

Episode 2 | Mental Balance

In this episode we get into the stimulating, controversial and fascinating subject matters of the mind, subconscious and their relationship with the brain, mental health and mental balance. Enjoy! 

Episode 3 | Physical Balance

In this stimulating episode we get a clear view of what our "physical" body is and the many aspects of it so we can empower ourselves and of course balance it. Enjoy! 

Episode 4 | Spiritual Balance

In this controversial episode we dive into the understanding of exactly what spirit, spiritual, spirituality and religion is and why they are important for all around holistic care. Enjoy! 

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