Noblesse Oblige is French for "Nobility Oblige" or in a full sentence "The Obligation of the Noble." By definition the term means:

* Whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself/herself nobly.

* One must act in a Divine and proper fashion that conforms to one's position, status, title, degree, power, influence and with the reputation that one has earned; was born, bestowed, vested or chaired with. 

This concept is an ancient melanated concept preserved in French but was seen in various ways and degrees in melanated cultures in the Americas (North, Central, South, Caribbean Islands), Africa and Asia; knighthood, ancient mystery schools, fraternal and sororal orders, military structure, royal/noble court structure, etc. 

The inferred responsibility of those born privileged or earned by growth overall is to act with generosity and noble like qualities towards those less privileged locally, nationally and internationally when possible. 

Through business, social interactions and networking it is my personal mission to be a reminder and reflect the light and moral compass of Noblesse Oblige to the highly educated, professionals, rich and wealthy; the talented, creatives, geniuses, highly skilled and gifted; those who are in key positions in corporations or run them, seats of power; celebrities and stars; local, State, Federal and international governments; the learned, awaken; fraternal/sororal or culturally initiated; old soul, enlightened; etc to not just merely help or find temporary fixes to human issues but to create holistic mental, physical, spiritual and financial solutions for humanity that will be ongoing for generations. 

Those with access, impactful networks and resources can do great and mighty things for humanity intelligently if they fully understand their Divine role in society, properly guided or consulted.