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Cash App is a mobile payment service created by Square, Inc allowing users to transfer money to one another using their mobile phone app or email. Bitcoin can also be bought and traded using the app. Cash App can be used for personal or business uses. Users can choose to withdraw money with a Cash App debit Visa card (Cash Card) from ATMs or transfer money to any local bank account. What is unique with Cash App is the custom username feature known as a $cashtag; it allows users to transfer and request money from each other easily by entering their username. This is the modern wave and future; be a part of it. 

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Robinhood is an investment app from a modern brokerage that allows you to purchase or trade stocks, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Etherium, Litecoin and more) in available States in an easy technological way; especially with commission-free trading. With Robinhood you can get educated on investing, receive news and updates. You can use it in your web browser or through the app. Robinhood has encrypted security and take out the hassle of investing in modern times. As a bonus you get a free stock to start out with by using the link below. Don't miss the next cryptocurrency wave/bubble or miss out on the next stock opportunity; start building your wealth and asset portfolio today.

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Today all over the world the majority of people are dealing with some form of huge debt, poverty, money issue or financial ignorance. Why does a rich or wealthy 1% exist in every ethnic group, country or overall in the world? Why are they so special? What have they done or currently doing that makes them break out of that bubble that many people are in? What do they know, study, read, research or implement in their lives that enable them to excel? How do they think? What are their principles, morals, ethics, discipline or perspective on reality? What do they know about business, economics, investing or generational wealth that the average person does not know? What takes someone from being a thousandaire, to a millionaire, to a billionaire and to a trillionaire? This understanding can only come from re-educating self and learning things not taught in school, colleges, in the average home, in the average community or publicly.  Below are books dealing with: Money, Investing, Wealth, Success, Prosperity, Abundance And Mastery Of Self.

Books On Mental And Personal Excellence, Attaining A Rich Life, Financial Education And Prosperity

Follow my financial journey in my Monthly/Weekly Light editions as I strive to achieve a goal of having $1,000,000 in stock value by 2029. I show what I am using; what stocks I am looking at, researching and keeping an eye on. Although this is my personal goal, you can follow along, do the research on your own and choose to invest in those stocks also and perhaps meet the same goal I have or maybe more. You can see the progress after purchasing and downloading the Light editions. You can click on the link below to go to the download page.

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My phone (cellular/landline/WhatsApp) conversation PAID ($40 by PayPal, Cash App or cryptocurrency) option is now available for those 18 and older or adults that wish to learn how to get started with investing in dividend stocks with Robinhood. With my phone conversation option you will get:

* Up to 6 hours of talk time. 

* Resources to learn about financial literacy, investing, trading, the stock market and staying up to date with financial news.

* List of "cornerstone" stocks that are proven to benefit investors for their entire life no matter the ups and downs of the market that you can start your portfolio with. 

* List of proven stocks that can bring results monthly, quarterly and yearly to grow your portfolio.

* Insight on strategy, intelligent diversification; the discipline, vision and psychology needed for long term successful investing.

* A list of transparent experts that you can learn from and follow that have made mistakes, made breakthroughs, do financial research and currently on their way to higher levels of financial freedom.

Send an email to to set up a paid conversation. 

In March 2010 Bitcoin was $0.003 (less than a penny) for one coin, in December 2012 it was $13; on May 20, 2017 it was $2,000; on December 17, 2017 it was $19,783.06; as of the posting of this message (September 2019) it is $10,000. You DO NOT want to miss the next cryptocurrency wave of Bitcoin and other coins.

* If you want to be educated on how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency got started, the basics, how it works, the principles and vision of it, where it is headed into the future, etc send an email to to schedule a paid conversation. 

If you ONLY want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then you can Buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP and trade one cryptocurrency for another with Coinbase. Click the link below to get started.