Private Curated Lunch: A one on one healthy lunch and stimulating talk with no other people invited at the table. It will be $100 (via PayPal, Cash App or cryptocurrency) for a private one on one curated lunch; up to six hours of conversation time.


* A Curated Lunch can happen anytime during the year when time and schedule permits. 

* If there is a special request to have someone else join you or have others attend the private lunch it will be $40 for each additional person (up to two additional people besides yourself). 

* Arrangements: Anyone wishing to have a Private Curated Lunch can contact me by email (Contact Me page) since this is a special request to see my availability BEFORE sending invite fee or securing meet up.

** Curated Lunch means that the healthy plant-based establishment, arrangements and menu choices are picked out by me. The choice of location will be one of the best, highly praised, top quality, elite or exclusive plant based healthy spots in New York City.