Greetings in all the modern, universal and ancient words of peace and Divine recognition in all of us.

Known by my online identity and social nom de guerre as Moorish Brooklyn, I have been a mental, physical, spiritual, health, cultural and financial balance advocate for many years. While spending years re-educating, repairing, detoxing, balancing and mastering self along the way I have shared my experiences, insight, research, studies, techniques, formulas, remedies, tools, books and resources I have come across, real life observations, potent transformational news, decodings and break downs of audio and visuals (movies, TV/streaming shows) with substance to inspire, motivate and confirm the need for inner balance, transcendence, securing an unblocked connection with the Divine (God) and purifying karma for those on a similar path. 

Besides being a self taught and Divinely guided spiritual scientist, culturist and analyzer/decoder I also do a few compensated and free philanthropic initiatives that involves educating people about plant based food through free curated lunches, dinners and sharing the wealth of information I have come across for mental, physical, spiritual and financial balance.  

My intention with this website is to use my experience, research and practices in meditation, Taoism, Kriya Yoga, Buddhism, ancient native American practices (Caribbean Arawakan/Taino), Moorish/Moabite Science, energy reading, gnostic/esoteric insight, wellness and spiritual science to be of service to people seeking proven practical methods for inner balance, peace and holistic lifestyle improvements with results.

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