Over the years by studying symbolism, omens, numerology, signs, yantra, energetic and subtle messages it was apparent that what is known as "visual alchemy" exist. Visual alchemy is the ability for words, signs, symbols, numbers, patterns, sacred geometry, colors, etc to shift energy, change the vibration of a room; affect the auric field, emotions, mood, the reality or consciousness of an individual by what is seen. 

This understanding gave me the idea and drive to start designing apparel tops with inspiration, motivation, insight, truth, facts, history, health, spirituality and more on them. Most of the time people wear apparel tops with "logos" and "brand" names because of the emotional attachment to a person, place, label and what they represent; some because of the years of conditioning and marketing, others because of the psychological and emotional value and acceptance of society it portrays. What about wearing apparel with a message; with substance? It may seem as something simple or insignificant to most people, but what message are you advertising for FREE for other brands daily? Do they have your values, principles, dreams and goals in mind? Sovereign Tee wish to help spark that conversation and message. You can see examples and purchase the apparel shirts I designed on the Cafepress website by clicking the link below: