As long as you're not a breathatarian/inedian you need daily health staples. Besides working out, stretching, keeping your body flexible and strong; detoxing and fasting when needed, keeping up with proper daily hydration of water and liquids, participating in an alkaline diet (plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian, juicing), doing proper breathing and meditation, getting sunlight and being in nature; doing positive thinking, prayers, affirmations and mantras, it is wise to also have simple tools that help with maintaining your health and balance. This is the fifth tool out of five showing my favorite go-to daily helpers that may also benefit you.  



When you are away from home and you need something to eat and drink and you don't wan't to compromise your diet choice or you have specific things that you avoid based on allergies or irritation purposes the Sweetgreen restaurant is a wonderful choice. Sweetgreen provides simple, seasonal healthy food in a salad or warm bowl format sourced locally or from the hundreds of farm partners on the same healthy page. Sweetgreen is a company that focus on sustainability, spreading positivity, good quality food, inspire healthy communities and healthy living. With over 30 ingredients in the restaurant you can also make your own bowls. Healthy housemade beverages are also available at the restaurant for purchase.


Sweetgreen is currently in California, Washington D.C., Illinois, Maryland, New York City, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts with over 100 locations; plus outposts. Other States and locations are on the way.


Claim your $3 off your healthy meal with the link below. You will be able to get $3 off of your order online, in person at the restaurant or by using the app to order before picking it up. After going to the link to claim your $3 off and downloading the app, you will be able to give your friends, mate/spouse, family and others the opportunity to get $3 off and pay it forward as well. 


* Keep in mind, Sweetgreen has gone CASHLESS. Purchases of the healthy salads, warm bowls and drinks online and in the restaurants are only done by credit/debit card or through the app.