As long as you're not a breathatarian/inedian you need daily health staples. Besides working out, stretching, keeping your body flexible and strong; detoxing and fasting when needed, keeping up with proper daily hydration of water and liquids, participating in an alkaline diet (plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian, juicing), doing proper breathing and meditation, getting sunlight and being in nature; doing positive thinking, prayers, affirmations and mantras, it is wise to also have simple tools that help with maintaining your health and balance. This is the third tool out of five showing my favorite go-to daily helpers that may also benefit you.  



The Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus is an organic multi-nutritional powder for the morning boost or for the assurance that you are getting the fuel your body needs for the day; because the nutrients you need in most cases are not consumed daily by the average person. 


Some of the powerful ingredients are: spirulina algae, blue/green algae, purple dulse seaweed, acerola cherry, lemon and orange peel, beet root, spinach and many more organic nutrients with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fiber, amino acids, protein, iron, probiotic; muscle, brain, blood, cellular and bone nutrition. This product was put together by Dr. Richard Schulze who has a masters and doctorate degree in herbology, master degree in herbal pharmacy, three degrees in Iridology and eight certifications in body therapy.


SuperFood Plus is packed with some of the most powerful plants found anywhere on land and in the ocean. Just two simple tablespoons in the morning and you are already well on your way with having what your body needs in a demanding day for optimum health. It can easily be carried with you while traveling to make sure you get what your body needs anywhere on Earth, used by college students that need proper nutrition, used as a multi-nutrition supplement for active children and teens, used as a green powder for those that work out, added to an emergency kit, camping supply; used by those that work jobs with long hours, late at night, demanding physical labor and mentally draining jobs. You can get the SuperFood powder on below: