As long as you're not a breathatarian/inedian you need daily health staples. Besides working out, stretching, keeping your body flexible and strong; detoxing and fasting when needed, keeping up with proper daily hydration of water and liquids, participating in an alkaline diet (plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian, juicing), doing proper breathing and meditation, getting sunlight and being in nature; doing positive thinking, prayers, affirmations and mantras, it is wise to also have simple tools that help with maintaining your health and balance. This is the fourth tool out of five showing my favorite go-to daily helpers that may also benefit you.  



Although the Himalayan mountains was formed over 50 million years ago, what is known as the salt from the ocean bed around the Himalayas is over 250 million years old. Imagine the ancient reset, programming and information you will receive from consuming something from the Earth with that much archived memory and nutrition. Himalayan sea salt is packed with 84 out of the 102 ingredients needed for the body to function properly. The average person on Earth doesn't even get over 80 vital nutrients in their ENTIRE life unless they are on a plant-based diet with variety. 


Himalayan sea salt has been used in inhalers, for neti pot morning and spiritual ritual cleansing water routines, used in lamps and candles, cooking chopping/marinating block; spa and detox rooms/chambers, in auric sprays and has many other uses. 


Himalayan sea salt is an excellent holistic replacement for regular table salt; it can be added to water and stored overnight in a glass jar container to make a super POWERFUL daily detoxer, cleanser and fortifier known popularly as "sole water" (you can Google it); it can be added to your bath water; used for cooking, baking; added to juices, teas, shakes, smoothies and soups; sprinkled on fruits and vegetables, used as seasoning and many other external and internal uses. The Himalayan sea salt can be purchased on below: