As long as you're not a breathatarian/inedian you need daily health staples. Besides working out, stretching, keeping your body flexible and strong; detoxing and fasting when needed, keeping up with proper daily hydration of water and liquids, participating in an alkaline diet (plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian, juicing), doing proper breathing and meditation, getting sunlight and being in nature; doing positive thinking, prayers, affirmations and mantras, it is wise to also have simple tools that help with maintaining your health and balance. This is the first tool out of five showing my favorite go-to daily helpers that may also benefit you. 


I've been using a portable alkaline water container daily for a few years now. Some people may have the machines or the kitchen counter sink/under sink installation which is a pricey investment for some; but worth it especially if you have a family or super serious about alkaline water (Alkaline Water Machines). However for the average person and people on the go the portable alkaline water container works best and it's also affordable; trust me, I have tried and tested many. Some people purchase the alkaline water in the bottles at the store and some buy alkaline water by the gallon from other people. With this container you can make your own gallon of alkaline water DAILY with just 8 simple refills of water sourced from the faucet, water fountain, regular water bottle, etc; if you need that much. That's 365 days of alkaline water. Imagine if you wanted to buy a gallon worth of alkaline water daily, weekly, monthly or yearly; how much would that cost you? This one time purchase of $64.95 will save you money. 



Alkaline water is naturally found in alkaline wells, ponds, rivers, streams and unpolluted mineral rich water areas around the world. This particular container has natural earth stone minerals in the filter that makes the alkaline water in less than five minutes with high pH and high - ORP energy for the cells, bones, muscles, organs, brain, etc without the use of any chemicals, batteries or electricity. It reduces chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other impurities also. The filter last in my experience for a year with daily usage. After the filter weakens a simple purchase of a replacement filter pack can be done (3 filter pack). Each filter individually can lasts up to a year. 



The portable alkaline water container makes pH water between 7.5 pH to 10 pH. This is well within the alkaline range for good health. For example, in order for the body to maintain optimum health the human blood must be no lower than 7.365 pH. The alkaline water from the portable alkaline container helps you stay well above that range. No disease, cancer, bad bacteria, fungus, parasites, worms and viruses can thrive in an alkaline balanced body. 



The portable alkaline water container produces up to - 250 ORP energy. The negative (-) ORP reading is measured in millivolts; that's right, we are talking about the same measurements used in electricity. The negative electrical polarity is the same range that healthy cells are in that are free from oxidation or internal decay. The electromagnetic energy produced by alkaline water helps to boost the body's systems (cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, excretory, endocrine, integumentary, exocrine, lymphatic, immune, muscular, nervous, renal, urinary, reproductive, respiratory and skeletal system); repair, recharge and reprogram your cells back to health.  



Part of what makes alkaline water so amazing is that it doesn't give you that bloating feeling that the average water from the bottle or faucet does. This is because the molecular structure of alkaline water is smaller and also in a sacred geometric shape to perfectly fit with your cells. This means as soon as it touches your mouth and other parts of the digestive system it immediately gets absorbed into your body and truly hydrates you. 



The picture above shows what you get out of the box when it is shipped to you. The container, filter inside the drinking top with flap, cover/funnel, booklet and your own liquid pH tester.



The picture above shows the difference between alkaline water from the container after being filtered, poured out and tested on the right in rich purple (10 pH) and regular water unfiltered from the faucet (7 pH or neutral green); in this case my Brooklyn, New York kitchen faucet water is the controlled source. Using the liquid pH tester that comes with the portable alkalizer, a few drops show the pH levels between the waters; the same water source, two different results. The clear filtered water in the container taste is smooth (small molecules working) and I always feel it circulating and energizing my body like a charged wave within minutes (pH and - ORP working). 



You can take it with you in any room; when you go to school, work, the gym; workout, walk and relaxing time outside; while traveling anywhere in the world, camping, on picnics, to the park, placed in emergency kits, given as a gift, etc. You can order it online at below: